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This module provides you the crucial tips on how to sell more and faster, no matter how the economy is doing.


Duration: 5 Hours


What Will I Learn?

How to build trust and engage to create instant rapport with potential customers

Learn to love objections and how to conquer your deepest fears of selling

Learn to ask the RIGHT questions while marketing your products or services to your customers

-Step-by-step guide on how to manage & prepare for a more powerful presentation and important notes that you should focus on



Have you ever faced any problem that you can’t really handle well while selling and marketing your products or services?

Are you looking for someone to help you out with all the problem you faced?

Don’t worry! KC is here to help you and provide you some of his insights about how to sell and market your products in an efficient way!


Selling doesn’t have to be tough. In KungFu Selling series, you’ll test your idea and find out if your potential customers wants what you’re selling before you spend a lot of time on following up. 

This gives you a proven plan from getting people wanting to see you, to close and making a sale. It takes you all the way from idea, to testing for identifying the needs, to creating rapport, getting that first sale, and beyond! 


In this course you will learn all about:

-The reasons why people don’t buy your products

-Identifying who you should and shouldn’t sell to

-Strategies to get people buy from you

-Step-by-step guide to improve your sales ratio and the sales funnel

-Ways to improve your sales by 200% through proper qualification

-6 ways to connect with your potential customers anytime anywhere

-Simple things you can do to improve your likeability immediately

-4 strategies to help you get pass the door keeper

-Verify your prospect TRUE needs through proper questioning

-How to unfold your prospect’s buying resistance if you to increase your sales and improve your closing rate

-How do you start with a great opening presentation

-Reasons why you shouldn’t sell based on prices & features and what should you sell on

-Step-by-step from presenting your idea to offer

-The Price Point objections you must know to avoid any disappointment caused by price resistance

-How to confront your fears about selling, rejection and objection


Come join us now!



Course Curriculum

Module 1
Module 1 – KS001 12 Characteristic of a Sales Person Details 00:22:00
Module 1 – KS002 Learning Cycle And The 4 Steps For Growth Details 00:15:00
Module 1 – KS003 4 Barriers And The Sales Mountain Details 00:23:00
Module 1 – KS004 Improving Your Sales Ratio Details 00:25:00
Module 2
Module 2A – KS005 Building Rapport with the customers Details 00:18:00
Module 2A – KS006 6 Ways To Connect With Your Customers Details 00:14:00
Module 2A – KS007 How to be likeable and how to get appointments! Details 00:07:00
Module 2B – KS008 How to get people to want to see you! Details 00:07:00
Module 2B – KS009 The P.B.A Formula to help you get more appointments! Details 00:17:00
Module 3
Module 3 – KS010 Creating the need by asking questions Details 00:18:00
Module 3 – KS011 Reviewing the facts and deciding the type of questions Details 00:10:00
Module 4
Module 4 – KS012 Converting features into benefits Details 00:21:00
Module 4 – KS013 Recommending a customer to take action Details 00:10:00
Module 4 – KS014 Building the Units of Conviction Details 00:21:00
Module 5
Module 5a – KS015 How to love objection and conquer it Details 00:13:00
Module 5a – KS016 Handling Objection Process Details 00:16:00
Module 5b – KS017 Closing The Sales Details 00:10:00
Module 5b – KS018 Asking For Referrals Details 00:18:00

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