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A road-tested system on how to build multiple sources of income – through investing, properties, online marketing, and more!


Duration: 9.5 Hours


What Will I Learn:

-Strategies of creating additional sources of income

-Learn how to turn your passion into profit and achieve the type of wealth you desire

-Learn more on cryptocurrency and the profit opportunities in it

-Opportunities for multiple sources of income through digital marketing and e-commerce

-Start owning a portfolio of properties with minimal risks

-Proven formulas to achieve consistent returns through stocks investment and currency trading



One source of income doesn’t seems to fulfil your needs aymore?

With the high cost of living expenses these days, owning multiple sources of income could be the right choice for you.

Do not know what’s the right way? This module is specially made for you!


We have brought together 15 wealth experts from Singapore and Malaysia with proven success in their own fields – to share with you practical tips on how you too can plan and create your own sustainable sources of income.

If you’re professional, entrepreneur, investor, or individual who cares about your personal finances and investments, don’t miss attending this virtual summit for FREE. For a limited time only!



Course Curriculum

All Modules
MSI001 Be Financially Free In 5 Years Or Less… Details 00:14:00
MSI002 Understand Investment Approaches Details 00:16:00
MSI003 How to Identify Profitable Trends Details 00:14:00
MSI004 Using Moving Average To Profit From The Market Details 00:16:00
MSI005 Swing Trading Strategies Details 00:16:00
MSI006 What it Takes To Build a Successful Online Business Details 00:16:00
MSI007 Affiliate Marketing and Dropship Model Details 00:17:00
MSI008 Sourcing For Info Product and eCommerce Details 00:09:00
MSI009 How to Build a Large Network That will Feed You Forever Details 00:14:00
MSI010 Strategies To Build a Successful Network Details 00:10:00
MSI011 Why Choose To Invest in The Stock Market Details 00:14:00
MSI012 3 Steps in Value Investing Details 00:16:00
MSI013 Case Study On Studying a Profitable Company Details 00:13:00
MSI014 Going in-depth for value investing Details 00:14:00
MSI015 Potential of Investing In The FOREX market Details 00:16:00
MSI016 3 Laws To Build a Sustainable Income in The FOREX Market Details 00:10:00
MSI017 Part 1: Most Wanted Property Investment Questions and The Misconception Details 00:15:00
MSI018 Part 2: Most Wanted Property Investment Questions and The Misconception Details 00:17:00
MSI019 Trends and The Potential Of AirBnB Business Details 00:16:00
MSI020 The Do’s And The Don’t Details 00:15:00
MSI021 Tips To Improve Your Listing Profile Details 00:10:00
MSI022 AirBnB Best Practices Details 00:08:00
MSI023 How to Run a 6-Figure Airbnb Business Like a Boss Details 00:14:00
MSI024 Understand How Cryptocurrency Work Details 00:14:00
MSI025 Blockchain Technology and it’s disruptive nature Details 00:16:00
MSI026 Critical Elements Of A Cyrptocurrency Details 00:11:00
MSI027 How Training and Help You In Your Career and Business Details 00:15:00
MSI028 5 Keys of A Successful Trainer Details 00:15:00
MSI029 Bonus Keys To Scale Your Training Career Details 00:16:00
MSI030 How to Accumulate Wealth, Even If you Are in Heavy Debt Now Details 00:15:00
MSI031 Buying Assets and Not Liabilities Details 00:16:00
MSI032 The Wonder Of Compounding Interest Details 00:11:00
MSI033 Pre-IPO: The Unfair Advantages Details 00:15:00
MSI034 Understand Pre-IPO and The Capital Model Details 00:15:00
MSI035 The Concept Of Option Trading Details 00:10:00
MSI036 Case Study: How To Use Option Trading To Make Explosive Gain Details 00:08:00
MSI037 Becoming a Published Author and Infopreneur Details 00:12:00
MSI038 Unfair Advantages Of Becoming Infopreneur Details 00:11:00
MSI039 Steps For Creating and Publishing Your Own Book Details 00:20:00
MSI040 Becoming a best-selling author Details 00:16:00
MSI041 Diversify and Grow Your Investments Internationally Details 00:16:00
MSI042 Hedging and Managing Your Portfolio Details 00:13:00

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