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VALUE INVESTMENT MAVEN is an online masterclass that teaches you a PROVEN strategy that is used by renowned investors around the world called value investing. Value investing strategy has helped many tycoons such as Warren Buffett to amass immense wealth through achieving a safe and consistent return from the stock market.

When you join Value Investment Maven, you’ll learn ALL you need to know to succeed in the stock market with value investing strategy. It comprises 7 interactive modules that are accessible both online and mobile at your convenience.

Value Investment Maven Program is designed for BEGINNERS (Even complete newbie) who want to achieve a CONSISTENT RETURN from the market without engaging in excessive risk. It is also designed for experienced investors who want to diversify into a safer strategy to compound your wealth.


Here are the 7 Modules of in-depth learning broken down for you:

  • MODULE 1: Stock Market Basics

    • So that you understand completely how the stock market works, learn different types of stocks, and gain confidence to invest profitably in the market.
  • MODULE 2: Language of Business
    • So that you can read and understand financial statements, make sense of the number, and ultimately be able to dissect the financial statements to the bone.
  • MODULE 3: Value Investing Strategy
    • So that you learn our proven 3-step system & 8 quantitative criteria in identifying an undervalued company, find a low-risk entry, and maximize your profit in your investment.
  • MODULE 4: Money Management
    • So that you know how to do capital allocation and position sizing effectively, and learn to manage your risk.
  • MODULE 5: Portfolio Consrtuction
    • So that you can build your portfolio based on your risk profile and learn to manage your portfolio effectively.
  • MODULE 6: The Psychology of Investor
    • So that you know how to manage your emotion in investing and build a winning investor mindset.
  • MODULE 7: Getting Started In Investing
    • So that you know how to buy and sell stocks in the trading platform, learn different types of trading account and the brokerage information.



Course Curriculum

VIM Introduction
Introduction – VIM001 VIM Introduction Details 00:04:00
Module 1
Module 1.1 – VIM002 Why Invest Details 00:05:00
Module 1.2 – VIM003 Types Of Securities Details 00:21:00
Module 1.3 – VIM004 Nuts And Bolts Of Stock Market Details 00:42:00
Module 2
Module 2 – VIM005 The Language Of Business Details 00:30:00
Module 3
Module 3.1 – VIM006 Value Investing Strategy Details 00:16:00
Module 3.2 – VIM007 Steps In Value Investing Details 00:22:00
Module 3.3 – VIM008 VIM Criteria Details 00:52:00
Module 3.4 – VIM009 Case Study 1 Details 00:51:00
Module 3.5 – VIM010 Case Study 2 Details 00:29:00
Module 4
Module 4 – VIM011 Money Management Details 00:21:00
Module 5
Module 5 – VIM012 Portfolio Construction Details 00:08:00
Module 6
Module 6 – VIM013 The Psychology Of Investor Details 00:18:00
Module 7
Module 7 – VIM014 Getting Started In Investing Details 00:15:00

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